Koen Meersman

Koen Meersman (Belgium, 1972) is interested in the creation of abstract spaces through systematic ripetitions and applications of forms colors, techniques or contents. His work is eclectic and characterized by the fragile nature of the pieces and by the focus on heir manual creation.

Koen Meersman studied Interior Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, KULeuven, Campus Sint-Lucas in Ghent and at the Duncan Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee (Scotland,) till 1995. In 2000 he obtained a second Master Degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Art at the Universitat Polit√®cnica de Catalunya in Barcelona. Nowadays, Koen Meersman is working on  a series of structures with different materials, as  paper, plastic and wood, and on a great production of drawings and collages.

His works have been added to private collections in Barcelona, Brussels, London,Tel Aviv and New York. He is a teacher and guest lecturer at several universities and school of design and architecture in Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Sweden and in the United States. After having spent many years in Barcelona and New York , he recently has moved to London where he lives and works.