Luc Rogiest

Sculptures, constructions or scale models (made of plaster, bamboo, iron, brass, wood, concrete) often refer to existing architecture, though they are always imaginary. They symbolize imaginations and fusions of several realities, experiences and fantasies, which gives observers the space to look and find their own way or story in the work.

In a subtle way, the observer is invited to enter the constructions, the construction site, the gantry and  the stairs. In this way the public takes part and so they are able to take the second step in the void and space.

After his degrees in Law and Criminology, Luc Rogiest (1 April 1950, Ghent) started to take courses in Sculpture at the Royal Academie of Fine Arts KASK in Gent in the 70’s. In this period, he already worked in construction, restoring historical facades and houses. After, on artistic level, he worked for years as an actor and a singer in several productions, i.a. theater Arena, NTG, de Gentse Opera, het Koninklijk Ballet van Vlaanderen department Musical and in some television series. In 2014 Luc got his Certificate higher degree in Sculpture, which he obtained by taking classes at the part-time Academie in fine Arts since 2010.

Undoubtedly, his several trips and residences in West Africa and in the desert of Timbuktu left a great impression on him.